Background and start of the sesame and chia crops

Origin of the company and sesame and chia oil seed test crops



In 2010 Hardydeck SRL started with it first experience in chia seeds. We cleared an area of just 4 ha (40,000 square meters) for the first harvest and experience in mainly chia seeds. We started pretty late and the raining season could be over so for sesame seeds this season would be unfit. These 4 ha. would be like a sample for the future 300ha, examining the growth and development of the chia seed plant. Since we are originally a lumber company, current growers and specialists assisted us to the full extend of our project.


After just 3 months results were very promising and once harvested the yield was even better. Hardydeck SRL would now not only be a lumber company but also a sesame and chia oil seed producer. Since Hardydeck SRL is already an exporting company, permits and other legal requirements are already satisfied.


chia seed field clearing

first chia seed test field the hardwood mill

first chia seed test field at the hardwood mill

first chia crops

first chia crops rising above the ground

chia oil seed cropsesame seed podschia oil seedssesame seeds dryingdelicious Sesame food

Chia oil seed crop

Sesame seed pods

Chia oil seeds

Sesame seeds drying

Delicious Sesame food

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Hardydeck Origin of the company and chia oil seed and sesame testing

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