Chia Oils Seeds health benefits

Chia seeds and its impact on health and skin and hair beauty like weight control, energy levels and diabetes


chia seeds versus flax seeds

Chia oil seeds are definitely the best source of fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega 3 and also omega 6 fats available on the market. Chia seeds are often compared to flax seeds due to the fact their nutritional profiles are quite similar. Furthermore, unlike flax seeds, the chia oil seeds don't need to be grounded and they have the danger to go rancid while the flax seeds does go rancid. Basically, chia seeds enjoy a longer shelf life too. We believe that the chia oil seeds eventually are going to replace the flax seeds. Chia seeds enjoy 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas contain and 3 times the antioxidants that contain blueberries.


Chia seeds and its use for weight control

For consuming chia oil seeds, we recommend to eat only a small amount, not more then one ounce a day because chia seeds are very rich in fiber so large quantities may provoke an upset stomach. This rich source of fiber will also keep you feel full for a longer time and feeling full will make you less prone to overeating. When you wet chia seeds they form in your stomach some kind of a gelatinous substance which takes longer to digest. So by consuming chia seeds you tend to overeat and snack less. It is a good idea to eat chia right before a meal which makes you eat less.


Chia enhances engery levels

Consuming chia is a nutritional punch thru its omega 3 and 6. Consuming chia results in a slow release of energy which can sustain you for a longer time without the need of a next meal. Consuming chia enables a sustained release of energy. This is not only good for preventing you from feeling hungry but also forathletes that want to improve endurance and for muscle repair.


Chia seeds and pregnant women

Chia oil seeds are also good for women who are pregnant who need omega 3 for their babies especially for their brain health. Therefore, a lot of women eat fish because of its rich source ofmercury but a better way to get omega in their diet is consuming chia seeds without concern of mercury from fish oil or fish itself.


Chia and its positive effect on diabetics

chia has also a positive impact on the blood glucose type 2 control. The inclusion of 1 tablespoon of chia seeds of diet-controlled type 2 diabetics show a reduction in their blood glucose levels.


Chia as a rich source of fiber

The chia seed contains 36% in fiber of which is 20% soluble and 80% insoluble. The positive effect of consuming fiber is that lowers cholesterol, helps intestinal health, such as the gut function reduces the risk of colon cancer. Furthermore, diet high on fiber improves blood sugar control and so assist diabetes management.


The substance in chia seeds of the omega 3 (ALA) is very important for a healthy heart and it benefits in lowering cholesterol, maintaining a good artery function and reducing cardiovascular disease. It is worth mentioning that the heart foundation advocates a daily intake of 2 grams of Omega three ALA as opposed to Omega three DHA, which is found in fish oil, which should be consumed twice a week.


Chia and a healthy skin, hair and nails

Besides containing omega 3, chia also is rich in Omega 6 LA. Omega 6 LA are antioxidants and a protein that are important for a healthy skin. These antioxidants slow the process of aging the body. Nails and hair consist also mostly of protein. Protein is used by the human body to build and repair tissues relies on daily intake as protein canít be stored in the body. Consuming Chia seeds makes your body receive a great deal of protein since chia seeds contains 20% of the daily protein value in each serve.

chia seeds health

chia seeds

chia seeds rich omega 3 and omega 6

chia seeds rich in omega 3 and omega 6

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Mediterranean bread with chia seeds

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chia seed pudding

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Chia seeds and its impact on beauty and health

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