Chia Oils Seeds – the superfood

Chia seeds rich in omega 3, 6, protein, fiber and antioxidants


chia oil seeds


In short, the Chia oil seed is the richest crop in respect of Omega 3, protein fiber and antioxidants. Chia oil seeds is also mentioned in the media as nature's superfood because of these high values in nutrition,  essential for a daily healthy diet.


The origin of the chia seed

The origin of the chia seed crop is that is originally grown in South America. as early as 3500 BC chia oil seeds were used for culinary purposes for the Mayans and the Aztecs. The chia seeds were used as a grain, but also grounded into flour, added to medicines, drunk as a beverage, oil extracted and used as a base for paints. In fact, the word ‘chia’ is a Mayan word and it means ‘strength’ and were used as some energy food, mostly by their running messengers, running over great distances delivering messages all over the empire.


chia seeds

chia seeds

table spoon omega 3 and 6chia oil seedschia crop field

A table spoon omega 3 and 6

Chia oil seeds

Chia crop field

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Chia Oil Seeds

Chia oil seeds

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Chia seeds rich in omega 3, 6, fiber, protein and antioxidants

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