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Salvia Hispanica

The latin name fo chia oil seeds is Salvia Hispanica and is family of the mint flowering plant, Lamiaceae, with its origin in southern and central Guatemala and Mexico.


The Chia crop

The Chia crop is an annual herb which grows up to 1 meter tall and its leaves are placed opposite ranging from 4 to 8 cm long and 3 to 5 cm wide. The chia flowers are white or purple and are produced in various different clusters in the spike at the end of each stem


The Chia crop is cultivated for its seed which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, due to the fact that chia seeds yield 2530% extractable oil, including the (ALA) α - linolenic acid. In total fat, the composition of the extracted oil is between 60% for omega 3, 15% for omega 6, 5% for omega 9, and the remaining 20% in saturated fat.


The Chia seeds properties

The Chia seeds are commonly very small ovals with a diameter of just about 1mm. The color is kind a mottle with gray, black, brown and white stripes. Chia seeds come in two color varieties which is black and white. The white Chia seeds is formed just by selecting white seeds from the black seeds. Both black and white chia seeds are the same in all of its properties such as size, smell and taste.


The Chia oil seed origin

The Chia oil seed is widely known in Mexico and some parts of the southwestern USA but in Europe it is not widely known. Chia is also called chian or chien and is mostly identified with its Latin name Salvia hispanica L. Nowadays, the chia oil seed crop is grown commercially not just in Mexico but also in Argentine, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Australia, Guatemala and Ecuador. However, in general the Chia crop yields best between 15 degrees from the equator which means that nowadays it is grown on this latitude which is South America and Australia.


chia seeds

chia seeds

chia seeds rich in omega 3 and 6

chia seeds rich in omega 3 and 6

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Chia seeds crops origin and properties

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