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Hardydeck SRL has the following and unique business model. Since Hardydeck SRL is originally a hardwood lumber company, the principal activity has always been exploring woodlands. Nowadays with strong regulated sustainable forestry Hardydeck SRL is obliged to:


1.  Developing a project of sustainable forestry while deploying environmental friendly agriculture. This is the first step in the process and takes around 6 months to be approved be the authorities.


2.  Once approved all the area is legally logged and used as raw material for the hardwood decking and indoor solid flooring. This takes around 6 months as well (in the raining season much longer due since the soil is unfit for logging)


3.  Once the wood is logged 200 300 ha (1ha = 10,000 square meters). of each project is prepared for sesame and chia producing. This preparation is the most expensive phase and takes up to 1 2 days per each ha. After, this area is suitable for the next 5 8 years of producing the finest sesame and chia seeds since the soil is virgin and virtually no pesticide or herbicide is used. Nature controls itself. Acres close to the city therefore are using more chemicals, so less quality and higher costs (chemicals cost up to $50 - $100 per each ha.)


4.  Finally the entire area is converted into a grazing area for cattle farming and sold for a very reasonable price to (mainly) Brazilian cattle farmers.


In short: low cost high quality sesame and chia seeds for our customers!




chia seeds field

chia seeds field

close up sesame seed crop

close up sesame seed crop

manual cutting sesame crops

harvesting sesame oil seeds

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